Technical Analysis: A Comprehensive Course

24-Oct-2023 to 27-Oct-2023 | Start Time: 8:00AM London / 11:00AM UAE / 3:00PM Singapore

Course Overview

Technical analysis (TA) has slowly become the preferred method to understand and trade European energy and global petrochemicals markets. It is the basis for systematic and algorithmic trading, and the standard for financial markets in general. It helps formulate timely and objective strategies without getting overwhelmed by erratic price moves and market noise. Keeping a cool head and gaining a birds-eye view of market developments is imperative for making profitable calls and to mitigate risk. It works in conjunction with traditional fundamental analysis but also works on its own by enabling rational, evidence-based decision making.

This comprehensive ICIS TA course is structured around the ICIS in-house methodology that will be shared with the wider audience for the very first time. The methodology incorporates chart reading, mathematical tools and ICIS insights.

You will be taught by the ICIS technical analysis team – the industry experts and proud finalists of The Technical Analyst Awards 2021 in the ‘Best Commodities Research’ category.

The four-day course is equally suited for beginners and advanced delegates, and will provide everything you need to know about technical analysis – from principal concepts to practical applications.

You will conclude the course with a solid understanding of the most important trading decision-making tools and how they are applied in the ICIS methodology. You will be trained to utilise the methodology, adjust it to your own demands and learn how to evaluate profitable opportunities.


Key topics include

  • Deepen your knowledge of what technical analysis is all about as the course explores its historical roots, its difference with fundamental analysis, and criticisms.
  • Learn ten different charting types and which ones are best to be incorporated into your workflow. Candlestick, Heikin Ashi, Renko, Point and Figure and bar charts are just some of them.
  • Discover all about chart reading as the course explains how to interpret big and small chart patterns, trends, gaps, support and resistance, price targets and much more. Understand when to use what mathematical tools in your analysis.
  • Learn to incorporate Elliott wave theory, Fibonacci levels, and correlations into your technical analysis. Taught tools will be showcased in a live application.

Who should attend?

The principals of technical analysis apply to all sufficiently liquid markets, making it the preferred tool kit for market participants in the energy, petrochemicals, and general commodities markets.

The course is suitable to all levels professionals working in the energy and petrochemicals industry who would like to get a solid understanding of technical analysis, including:

  • Traders
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Analysts
  • Category Managers
  • Strategic decision makers

Course fees

$1,750 (+UK VAT at 20% if applicable)*

24-27 October 2023 | 8:00AM London / 11:00AM UAE / 3:00PM Singapore (EMEA/GST/Asia)
REGISTER HERE (24-27 October 2023)

*NB: Please enter your VAT number (or local equivalent) on our payment page, otherwise UK VAT at 20% will be applied. Customers based in the UK will be charged UK VAT at 20% whether or not a VAT number is provided.

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What to expect in the virtual training?

  • Fully digital platform

All sessions will be accessed virtually from your computer, tablet or mobile, giving you the flexibility of taking the course at your chosen location and device.

  • Live and interactive sessions

Understanding the relevance of getting access to information in real time, the course will be delivered live and include interactive sessions providing you with a platform to engage with trainers and other delegates.

  • Modular approach

The course will run over 4 days with a total of 15 hours of tuition time.


Marcello Kolax

Marcello Kolax – Head of Technical Analysis, ICIS

Marcello Kolax leads the technical analysis team at ICIS. Marcello is a certified technician and obtained his qualification with the Society of Technical Analysts. He has previously covered for ICIS the German and Dutch wholesale natural gas hubs.

Choo Chin Fong – Technical Analyst, ICIS

Choo Chin Fong is a technical analyst with ICIS, currently covering the energy markets.
He holds the Chartered Market Technician (CMT), the professional designation in the field of technical analysis.
Prior to joining ICIS, he has covered indices and equities markets for financial institutions.

Fang Wei Lee

Fang Wei Lee – Technical Analyst, ICIS

FangWei is a technical analyst with ICIS, currently covering the energy markets. He has previously covered indices and equities for financial institutions during his time with a boutique technical analysis research firm.

The Technical Analyst Awards 2021

The ICIS technical analysis team were a proud finalist of The Technical Analyst Awards 2021 in the ‘Best Commodities Research’ category.

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