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A moral imperative – that of preserving the planet for future generations – is transforming the way in which we live and work.

Decarbonisation initiatives are accelerating at a pace that would have been unthinkable only two decades ago. Single-use plastics and vehicles powered by fossil fuels will soon be things of the past.

Few industries are more directly impacted than Chemicals and Energy. Optimise your decision-making and strategic planning with an exploration of the themes shaping the world of tomorrow.

Net zero

Navigating the EU’s CBAM: strategies for APAC companies

EU’s 2023 CBAM affects global trade, notably in APAC, with carbon pricing on imports and the goal of European climate neutrality by 2050.

Engaging suppliers to lower emissions: creating a pathway to sustainability

An exploration of the ways that plastics and chemicals are optimising supply chain emissions.

US Compare to Europe in Race to Net Zero

Europe is widely regarded as leading the energy transition, but how does progress compare with the US?

Digital Infrastructure and Net Zero Targets

What are the ways in which digital infrastructure can help the chemical industry meet net zero targets?

Circular economy

Unlocking the potential of recycling in Asia Pacific

Solving the challenge of waste management for the circular economy.

Supply chain resilience

In 2023, the European Commission released the final Delegated Act for RFNBO, detailing rules for renewable hydrogen production.

Closing The Loop

What are the necessary steps to implementing a fully-functioning circular economy?

Recycled plastics

What are the wider factors impacting the chemicals industry’s drive for sustainability in the region?

Energy transition

What happens after Ukraine’s gas transit contract expires

Ukraine’s five-year gas transit contract expires at the end of the year, raising questions about its extension or cancellation.

Europe’s hydrogen regulations: mapping the path to Net Zero

In 2023, the European Commission released the final Delegated Act for RFNBO, outlining rules for renewable hydrogen production.

The Global Energy Transition

An exploration of the challenges and unique opportunities presented by the energy transition.

US Compare to Europe in Race to Net Zero

Europe is widely regarded as leading the energy transition, but how does progress compare with the US?

Asian Chemical Connections

Global PVC markets: supply overhang, geopolitical risks

THE STORY IS very similar across many of the petrochemicals, including PVC.

China’s Q1 PP exports surge: trade tensions rise

China’s Q1 2024 exports reach 619,367 tonnes versus 315,904 tonnes in the first quarter of last year.

As China’s volume growth wanes, prioritize value growth

Three historic events signal the end of massive volume growth in petrochemicals since 1992. Now, focus shifts to value growth.

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Smartphone sales continue to slow as consumer demand patterns change

Q1 data suggests consumers prioritize value, but investors overlook this, bidding up Apple’s share price excessively.

Currency wars begin as Japanese yen tumbles.

This is our 3rd warning of a crisis. Before the Great Financial Crisis and Covid pandemic, we were dismissed. Let’s hope this time is different.

Risks mount for ethylene producers as trade tensions rise

The world’s ethylene producers are facing some painful decisions in coming years. Where will all the new North American and Middle Eastern export-oriented capacity go?

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