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Structural changes such as net zero, the energy transition and AI are changing the global landscape, forcing business models and strategies to adapt. Capitalise on opportunity with trusted data and analysis from a team of over 350 experts embedded in chemicals and energy markets worldwide.

Identify patterns and trends using historic pricing and trade flow data and anticipate the markets of tomorrow with reliable market outlooks. Keep abreast of changing policy, regulation and macroeconomics with news and insight on market-moving events as they unfold.

ICIS prices are referenced daily, in multiple physical and financial contracts, by many of the largest participants in global chemicals and energy markets. Tailor industry-leading data to your needs through our subscriber platform, ICIS ClarityTM, via our Data as a Service (DaaS) solutions or through your existing data solutions provider.

Explore the full range of commodities we cover using our Commodity finder.

ICIS training

Keep up to date in today’s rapidly evolving commodity markets with expert online and in-person workshops and courses covering chemical and energy supply chains and market dynamics. ICIS offers a range of introductory and advanced topics as well as bespoke, in-house training.


Set your business up for success with ICIS’ complete range of market intelligence, data services and analytics solutions for chemicals, energy, sustainability and fertilizers.

Respond quickly to fast-moving markets

Track markets in real time with current pricing and market commentary, plus reliable forecasts and historic data highlighting patterns and trends.

Hear an independent view

Benefit from news and expert analysis of the key events impacting commodity markets including weather events, outages, policy and regulation.

Gain a complete picture

Access a comprehensive view of your markets with integrated analytics solutions combining trusted pricing, market commentary, news and analysis.

Optimise efficiency

Simplify planning and modelling by integrating critical data into your workflows via our subscriber platform, Data as a Service solutions or your existing data solutions provider.

Visualise Scope 3 emissions across

your supply chain

As customers, investors and regulators push for a sustainable future, improve Scope 3 reporting with Supplier Carbon Footprints.

Harnessing ICIS’ deep understanding of chemical markets and ground-breaking carbon footprint data from lifecycle data providers Carbon Minds, Supplier Carbon Footprints is a unique analytics solution.

Support your strategic decision-making with granular, supplier-specific data on 71 bulk chemicals and plastics. Identify opportunities for emissions reduction with total visibility of emissions across your supply chain, accessible via an easy-to-use interface.

Events and training


Grow your business and build your network at ICIS’ industry-leading events. Engage and learn, as high-profile speakers cover the trends and topics driving tomorrow’s commodity markets.


Keep up to date in today’s evolving commodity markets with expert online and in-person training courses covering chemicals, energy and fertilizers.

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Partnering with ICIS unlocks a vision of a future you can trust and achieve. We leverage our unrivalled network of industry experts to deliver a comprehensive market view based on independent and reliable data, insight and analytics.

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