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Cotton In Uncharted Territory



By John Richardson

POLYESTER producers, and their raw-material suppliers, enjoyed a huge boost to their profitability between October 2008 and March 2011 when cotton prices increased by 468 percent from 40 cents/lb to $2.27/lb.

This led to polyester …

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China’s Inflation Struggle

By John Richardson

LIKE the boy who cried Wolf the blog might not be believed as we once again warn about the risks ahead for China’s economy.

We have been worried for a long time that eventually China’s huge economic …

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Benzene the barometer?

Source of picture: Wikipedia

Because benzene has so many end-uses it’s widely seen as a pretty good barometer for the overall health of the industry.

As C6 led the recovery last time are recent declines a sign of another broad-based …

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