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China’s “Minsky Moment” And The Global Economy

By John Richardson

HYMAN MINSKY was an American economist who focused his career on studying the causes of financial crises. He developed what he called a ‘financial instability hypothesis” which was based on the notion that long periods of stability …

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Indonesia’s “Great Moderation”

Graph prepared by The Economist


By John Richardson

INDONESIA has enjoyed eight consecutive quarters of 6% GDP growth and so – along with several other mainly domestically-demand driven Asian economies – is viewed as a haven of stability in an increasingly uncertain …

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China lend Aug11.png

China’s bank lending nears its Minsky Moment

by Paul Hodges

China’s credit bubble is one of the largest the world has ever seen. This is true not only of its total size, but also in relation to GDP.

The history of credit bubbles is very clear about …

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