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It Is Now Down To Seven Guys In A Room

 Source of picture: China Daily


By John Richardson

The famous investor, Jim Chanos, warned three years years ago that the West places an inordinate amount of trust in “nine guys in a room” (i.e. China’s Politburo Standing Committee) getting it …

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China NPC Underlines Inflation Focus

The course of true love never runs smooth…..Happy China couples get divorced and then plan to remarry in order to avoid new property tax

Source of picture: Quirky China News/Rex Features


By John Richardson

China will see “large inflation pressure in …

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China Coal Cap: What It Means For Chems

By John Richardson

IF China’s decade-long focus on coal-fuelled heavy industry is really coming to an end, as this article in The Sydney Morning Herald suggests, then the prospects for further approvals of coal-to-olefins (CTO) projects seem very bleak indeed.…

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Reassessing China Petchem Projects


John Richardson

Methanol-to-olefins (MTO) projects in China are subject to more disagreement over viability than any other group of petrochemicals investments, said HSBC in a report released last month.

HSBC, for example, takes a pretty negative view of the …

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