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Getting Education Right Is Crucial

The brightest and the best, but will there be enough of them?

Source of picture: schoolsinnewdelhi.com



By John Richardson

EDUCATION, education and education are three of the biggest challenges facing developing countries over the next 10-20 years.

This …

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Saudi Arabia: The Implications Of Going Downstream

An example of how Lexan solar control IR sheets (made by SABIC Innovative Plastics) can be put to use

Source of picture: SABIC


By John Richardson

SAUDI ARABIA is busy reshaping its petrochemical industry to reflect a drastic shift …

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What’s the Future of Ras Tanura?

By John Richardson

One wonders what might be the future of the Saudi Aramco and Dow Chemical project in Saudi now that it has been officially confirmed that it might be relocated from Ras Tanura to Al-Jubail because of escalating …

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