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Adipic acid is used in nylon 6,6 fibres and resins which account for nearly 65% of output.


It is also used to produce polyurethanes as a reactant to form plasticizers, lubricant components and polyester polyols.


Other outlets are as food ingredients for geletines, deserts and other foods that require acidulation.


The US is the largest exporter of adipic acid and Asia-Pacific is the largest net importer. Most adipic acid production is by the liquid-phase, nitric acid oxidation of Kaol.


Adipic acid is white crylstaine, odourless powder.


Europe has the capacity to produce 85,000 tonnes a year of adipic acid, while global output is put at 3.5 milliion tonnes a year. Global growth is around 4.5% per year with Asia being the fastest growing region.

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