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The global oil markets have seen significant fluctuations in the past year, with demand driven down by a weak global economy and driven upward after natural disasters in India and Japan.

It is expected that world oil demand growth in 2013 will remain stable. However, weakness in the global economy is still causing a great deal of uncertainty for oil industry professionals worldwide.

ICIS has a long history in examining and reporting on the global crude oil markets. Our experts in Houston, London, Singapore and across China provide market players with the latest pricing information for seven global regions, in-depth analysis on factors driving the price of crude, plus market reviews and outlooks.

Our crude oil market insights deliver all the information needed to stay on top of developments across global markets, for more confident trading and forecasting.

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Crude Oil Overview Video

Crude oil is produced all over the world. Some fields large some are small, some are high sulphur, some are low sulphur; some are very light, some are very heavy. But they all end up in a refinery.

There they get changed into the products that you use every day: gasoline which you drive your car with, the heating oil that you heat your house with. And the other stuff, like heavy fuel oil which basically we put out in the ships of the world and they burn it out at sea because we don’t like the sulphurous fumes they create.

How is crude oil traded? Physical cargoes trade every day. Producers sell them, refiners buy them.

But there is another side to the market, the international exchanges. Speculators trade these every day like they do the stock market.

Supply and demand doesn’t have everything to do with the price of oil. The strength of the US dollar does. Economic data out of the powerhouse economies of China and the US drives the world as well.

And there’s all sorts of other various geopolitical factors that can turn the price of oil upside down within 10 minutes during a day.

The price of oil on the international markets swings by dollars it can rise $2 in 10 minutes and give it all back in the next. Speculation, that’s trading.

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