ICIS provides pricing information and analysis for more than 180 product markets.

Our price assessments are widely quoted as benchmarks in contracts.

Our information is collected from market participants by our global network of reporters, delivering unrivalled coverage of established and emerging markets, including China and Asia.


Price information, news and analysis for all major chemical and feedstock markets.

  • Upstream and downstream
  • Independent
  • Global coverage of petrochemicals, including plastics, olefins, aromatics, solvents and intermediates
  • Find information by chemical

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ICIS meets IOSCO’s PRA Principles for the fifth year in a row


Buyers, sellers and analysts trust our pricing information and historical data to help them:

  • Understand price drivers and fluctuations
  • Negotiate using independent price assessments
  • Build price formulas and models



The breaking news service for the chemical industry.

  • Global coverage, 24 hours a day
  • Reliable and authoritative
  • Tailored alerts
  • Plant capacities, outputs and shutdowns


Analysis I Consulting

Relied on by purchasers, product managers, planners, analysts and traders.

  • Get an alternative, independent view of the global chemical markets
  • Review supply and demand scenarios using our balanced global database
  • Plan for growth and profitability using data and analytics
  • Bespoke advisory services to support strategic planning