Acrylonitrile US prices, markets & analysis

For clear insight into regional Acrylonitrile markets, you need in-depth price reports direct from those regions.

That’s why ICIS maintains a network of locally based reporters, providing not just price assessments but market commentary and analysis.

Use ICIS information to:

  • Follow fluctuations and understand factors driving them
  • Input into your own internal analytical models
  • Clarify settlements and contracts
  • Inform negotiations

What's covered in our US Acrylonitrile price report
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Acyrlonitrile US Transcript


The ICIS US acrylontrile report covers the US domestic contract and spot markets on a weekly basis.


The domestic contract price is formula based tracking price changes in chemical-grade propylene and ammonia verified with market sources. The spot price is based upon information gathered from North American producers, sellers, traders and buyers of the material.


Market players all along the production chain are asked for their view of the market and this information is compiled into the report.

It offers subscribers timely and accurate information on completed deals together with negotiations for material; planned and unplanned plant outages and market sentiment.

It is a key tool for those in the acrylontrile market or those planning to enter it.

Our products
Regional overview
Price reporting
Price history

Acrylonitrile news and market information products from ICIS

We offer the following regional Acrylonitrile coverage to keep you informed of factors and developments affecting prices in the US Acrylonitrile marketplace.

  • Price reporting

    Price Reporting – More information about the price reports we publish on Acrylonitrile

    Independent price assessments and market coverage

  • Price history

    Price History – More information about the historical price data we publish on Gas

    Track historical price data

  • News & analysis

    News & Analysis -  News & market analysis specifically relating to Acrylonitrile

    Breaking news of latest developments affecting the markets.

    Insight and analysis of factors driving prices.