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The trusted and reliable Monopropylene glycol (MPG) reports are published by ICIS weekly in Asia, Europe and the US. The intelligence within the reports, gathered from across the markets by our locall- based reporters, will allow you to make informed and confident business decisions.

The price assessments cover spot markets in Asia and Europe, while in the US, contract prices are published. Unbiased commentary gives details of a general overview, graphs, feedstock information and news on different grades, where applicable.

What's happening in the Monopropylene glycol market?
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Monopropylene glycol Overview Transcript


Europe monopropylene glycol is a big distribution market in Europe and spot is the most liquid value there.


The main market drivers include supply and demand and to a lesser extent the propylene feedstock movement.


The downstream sectors, there’s a wide variety of those, include the unsaturated polyester resins sector, food packaging, surfactants and on the seasonal front, there’s the anti-freeze and de-icer sectors.


The overall pricing trend so far has been increasing and firm, this is due to the harsh winter in 2009-early 2010 and due to a number of planned and unplanned outages both at the cracker and for MPG. Also robust demand has kept prices relatively firm.


In terms of the future outlook, this depends on how the additional capacity in the market following recent expansions and forthcoming expansions in the market will be managed effectively.

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