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Stay abreast of the Middle East and south Asia polypropylene (PP) markets.

ICIS offers a wide range of information that can provide short-to-long term solutions for the fast-moving polypropylene industry – from pricing data, news and analysis, to supply and demand forecasts.

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What's covered in our Middle East / South Asia Polypropylene price report
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Polypropylene Middle East-South Asia Transcript


The weekly Middle East-South Asia polypropylene or PP report provides key quotes for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), East Mediterranean or East Med, as well as for India and for Pakistan


ICIS has consistently grown the report in line with customer expectations, since we extended our polymers coverage to the Middle East-South Asia region in 1997.


Today the report includes assessment of grades such as raffia, injection, film, and block copolymer.


In the commentary, we provide information on deals, bids and offers that form the bedrock of the published assessments and bring out the factors behind the price movements.


Price drivers such as feedsock costs, supply and demand fundamentals are analysed and the commentary also offers important production information such as scheduled and unscheduled shut-downs and start-up of new plants.


Freight rate changes, which have a significant impact on PP prices, are also tracked.


Week after week we talk to a wide cross-section of the market including buyers and sellers. This ensures that our information is as relevant and as accurate as possible and therefore of use to our readers in their trading and business decisions.


With our status as an objective and independent pricing agency, the ICIS PP report is used as a dominant benchmark by market players in the Middle East and as a reference in South Asia.

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