Mixed Plastic Waste and Pyrolysis Oil Overview

The ICIS Mixed Plastic Waste and Pyrolsis Oil report provides weekly coverage of European prices for pyrolsis oil, mixed polyolefin bales and reject bales, along with comprehensive coverage of wider trends in the chemical recycling, mechanical recycling and burn for energy sectors

  • Price quotes are for spot material
  • ICIS covers 3 grades of pyrolysis oil spot material:-
    • Naphtha substitute, which is derived from plastic waste derived and usable at 20% concentration in a cracker
    • Non-upgraded, which is plastic-waste derived and usable at approx. 5% concentration in a cracker using the dissolution effect
    • Tyre derived, which is produced from end of life tyres
  • Mixed polyolefin bales are used as feedstock for both the mechanical recycling and pyrolysis-based chemical recycling sector
  • MRF reject bales are for unsorted material rejected from materials recovery facility lines and commonly used in the burn-for-energy coverage
  • RDF reject bales are for PVC-screened bales containing a maximum 0.5% PVC content, minimum 90% plastic content and suitable for use by the refuse derived fuel (RDF) fuel industry and chemical and mechanical recyclers
  • Our expert reporters speak to a wide cross section of industry sources and provide reliable, unbiased assessments, crucial to decision making
  • The report offers comprehensive coverage of market trends in the burgeoning chemical recycling sector
  • ICIS also offers comprehensive coverage on the downstream R-PE, R-PP and R-PET markets, along with its mechanical and chemical recycling supply trackers giving an unrivalled view across the plastics recycling chain.


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Reports for Mixed Plastic Waste and Pyrolysis Oil

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Mixed Plastic Waste and Pyrolysis Oil Methodology – 3 October 2023


This is the ICIS pricing methodology for mixed plastic waste and pyrolysis oil. ICIS quotes mixed plastic waste and pyrolysis oil prices in Europe. ICIS continuously develops, reviews and revises its methodologies in consultation with industry participants. To find out more, please see Mixed Plastic Waste and Pyrolysis Oil Methodology – 3 October 2023