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China Oil Market

With a team of experienced analysts in China, ICIS is fully equipped to keep you updated on everything that happens in the China Oil Market, whether you produce or trade oil, or related products and services. From crude oil shipping fixtures and refinery operating status information obtained by our team of experienced local analysts, to […]

World Crude Report Methodology – 04 August 2014


The ICIS World Crude Report delivers in-depth information on the global oil trade, giving subscribers insight to a wide range of crude grades across the global markets. For the full methodology document please go to World Crude Report Methodology – 04 August 2014 ICIS World Crude Report provides: Expert pricing and market information for 7 […]

World Crude Report Methodology – June 2014


This the ICIS pricing methodology for Crude Oil. ICIS quotes Crude Oil prices in Europe, Asia-Pacific, the US, Middle East/West Asia, Latin America and Africa. ICIS continuously develops, reviews and revises its methodologies in consultation with industry participants. Previous versions of this methodology can be found under Archived Documents. For more detail please see the […]

World Crude Report Methodology – August 2013


All ICIS-published assessments in the crude oil market are so-called “market closing” assessments. That is, they are intended to represent the tradable value of a particular crude grade at the time commonly agreed by the marketplace to represent a daily physical market “close”. A closing value price assessment takes into account:confirmed deals, bids and offers; market direction; and market relationships […]

Crude Oil

The global oil markets have seen significant fluctuations in the past year, with demand driven down by a weak global economy and driven upward after natural disasters in India and Japan. It is expected that world oil demand growth in 2013 will remain stable. However, weakness in the global economy is still causing a great […]