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ICIS has a long history of reporting and analysing the global crude oil markets, and our market valuations occupy a central place within some of the industry’s key benchmarks.

Why choose ICIS Crude Oil Solution?

ICIS has been a trusted independent source of intelligence on the world’s energy markets for over three decades. Today, our oil market experts are based around the globe and our data is used to calculate settlement for one of the world’s most liquid commodity futures markets in the world, the ICE Brent Index™. Since 2015, the benchmark administrator, ICE Futures Europe, has relied primarily on ICIS for the data used in its settlement price.

Government agencies around the world also use ICIS crude oil data to give an independent view of the markets, and robust and expert pricing information.

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What’s offered?

  • The ICIS World Crude Report (WCR) delivers in-depth information on the global oil trade, giving subscribers insight to a wide range of crude grades across the global markets
  • Daily pricing information is reported on all the key grades in the North Sea, Mediterranean, CIS, Arab Gulf, Asia, West Africa and the Americas. Our presence around the world ensures unrivalled coverage of established and emerging markets.
  • The North Sea grade Troll has been added to the basket of grades that make the assessment of Dated BFOE, moving in line with the rest of market.
  • In-depth analysis from our oil market experts provides insight into the factors driving the price of crude.
  • Our extensive historical data is spanning three decades, and our market commentary, alongside our news and analysis, gives an alternative view to the accepted wisdom.
  • A wide range of delivery methods are available, including API, Excel plug-in, Email alert, ICIS Channel partners
  • China oil markets specialist Crude Oil and Refinery data and expertise from an extensive team of locally based ICIS experts who are collecting and analysing proprietary information and offering unique insights as this market develops.

How ICIS can help analysts?

  • Stay ahead: ICIS delivers all the information needed to stay on top of developments across global markets, and facilitates more confident trading and forecasting.
  • See the complete picture: Our comprehensive coverage of crude oil markets is delivered in three daily updates and includes detailed coverage of China oil and refinery markets.
  • Intelligence you can trust: We collate data from a wide range of market players, not just one perspective from one type of source, thanks to our own team based in the oil regions of the world. We are transparent about how we use the data. Read more about the ICIS Methodology here.

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