Butanediol (BDO)

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Multiple feedstocks can be used to manufacture BDO, which is why upstream cost fluctuations have limited impact on this market. However, derivatives of BDO are used in a vast array of manufactured end products ranging from industrial solvents and textiles to PVC and coatings, so demand comes from multiple sectors. That’s why it’s vital for traders and sellers to stay abreast of the factors impacting downstream activity to avoid missed opportunities.

ICIS’ independent chemical experts are based in all the key trading regions around the globe and focus on building the market intelligence driven viewpoint needed to trade successfully in this complex market. Our assessments and analysis are trusted by the biggest market players to back-up deals and decisions. We are recognised at the benchmark price for BDO in Europe, US, Asia and China.




Our comprehensive BDO market coverage spans the US, Asia and Europe. Every day, our independent experts track pricing and market fundamentals. This includes trade flows, what’s driving supply and demand shifts, and production data. Everything you need to support your decisions.


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Gain context and resources in line with ICIS Price Assessments. Our easy to navigate analytics offer market trend and business opportunity insights through expert data analysis.

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Discover the CO2 emissions across chemical and plastics supply chain with comprehensive and reliable carbon footprint data for chemicals by region, plant and supplier.

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