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Demand and supply chain challenges have the potential to cause shortages in the epoxy resins market. Scarcity of supply can be caused by plant closures, extreme weather conditions, logistics issues, and increases in crude oil prices can all force downstream manufacturers to delay production or find alternatives.

The main applications for epoxy resins include adhesives, high-performance coatings, electrical/electronic laminates and adhesives, flooring and paving, and structural parts for the automotive, aerospace, and aircraft industries. They are high-performance thermosetting resins with excellent adhesion, chemical and heat resistance, plus electrical insulating properties.

ICIS epoxy resin prices provide an important benchmark. Access actionable market news in real time and view reports that place market trends in context, including the impact of supply disruptions. ICIS monitors developments in key upstream markets including BPA and ECH feedstocks, and movements in crude oil, benzene and propylene markets. We can provide analysis of downstream markets. This includes the impact of consumer trends, demand shifts and seasonal demand.




Taking into account shifts in local epoxy markets, ICIS produces accurate market intelligence and price data. These reflect key developments in the US, and multiple countries in Europe, and Asia.

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