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Large quantities of hydrochloric acid are synthetically produced for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. These include processing steel, building suspension bridges, making cars, batteries, cleaning products and fireworks. With demand from industrial manufacturers, international trade in hydrochloric acid is problematic because of safety constraints and freight costs. Regional markets are therefore of key importance.

Our analytics deliver a constant stream of actionable market news in real time. This includes price updates which are widely used as the market benchmark. We help regional buyers, sellers and distributors of hydrochloric acid to trade more effectively in their preferred markets. Drawing on input from our vast network of contacts, we build a detailed picture of what is happening in each core region to help enable profitable decision-making.




We have an extensive network of contacts spanning key markets in the US Gulf and other US regions, Northwest Europe and the Mediterranean. Our access reports, actionable news and price updates reveal the macroeconomic impacts and underlying factors driving market fluctuations.

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