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Almost half the world’s production of Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) is used for paints and coatings. However, it is also used in glues, synthetic rubber, printing inks, and paraffin wax; for cleaning, degreasing and paint removal; for making other chemicals; to sterilise medical equipment; and as a gasoline additive.

Demand for this versatile commodity is increasing, along with production, but fluctuations in the prices of essential raw materials can be a challenge.

ICIS monitors and analyses developments in key upstream markets. This includes crude oil and the relationship between MEK and competing commodities such as natural rubber, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate and acetone. We also keep track of downstream markets and seasonal demand.

Our MEK market coverage provides a complete view of price data and market intelligence, plus interactive analysis and actionable real-time market news and granular forecasting. ICIS’ transparent methodology is built on comprehensive market input from buyers, sellers, and distributors.




ICIS MEK prices hold a benchmark position in Asia and Europe. Our market intelligence and MEK price data reflect key developments in the US and related markets, Asia, India, Europe, and South Africa, which is an important player in the European market.

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