Driven by the desire for sustainable green options

Markets closely linked to feedstock vegetable oils and tallow

Growth in the global oleochemicals market is supported by demand for products seen as safe and natural. Seen as the sustainable green option by business, consumers and regulatory authorities has driven demand. They have uses in industrial additives and lubricants; food processing, animal feed and for manufacturing detergents and personal care products, often as replacements for petroleum-derived commodities.

However, market trends for oleochemicals are heavily dependent on feedstock pricing and availability, and fundamentals can change quickly based on movements upstream. ICIS provides price updates for key regions and makes oleochemicals markets more transparent and predictable by delivering world-class commodity intelligence. Our reports analyse actual price levels and short-term drivers and put market trends in a historical context.




ICIS offers short-to-long term solutions. This include pricing data, news and market analysis, to supply and demand forecasts. This way, you can evaluate the markets and understand the dynamics between different types of oleochemicals.

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Comprehensive and diagnostic data to allow you to understand how the commodity market is changing. Harness interactive tools and monitor your region to maximise business opportunities.

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