Preparing for the new energy economy

The key to unlocking a sustainable future

As the energy industry transitions to a zero-carbon future, make sense of the evolving European carbon landscape and reduce your carbon price exposure with ICIS, the leader in carbon market intelligence.

Policy across Europe drives carbon supply and sets a framework for demand that tracks climate legislation. Stay ahead of complex carbon markets with email alerts, commentary and analysis of market-moving events that help you forecast prices, predict trends and understand market dynamics.

Empower your decision making with industry-leading carbon forecasts for true market balance, taking into account power generation figures and hedging behaviours of different players to give a more accurate understanding of underlying market drivers.

Taking into account 2 million data points and 6 million emission allowance transactions in the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) alone, the ICIS model anticipates the behaviour of market participants, including players in the utilities, oil and gas, financial and energy-intensive industries, to provide consistently reliable forecasts.

Why subscribe to ICIS Carbon?

Simplify carbon portfolio balancing

Reduce carbon emissions price exposure and meet sustainability objectives with a transparent view of complex carbon markets.

Minimise exposure

Limit risk in uncertain markets with detailed analysis of market-moving events and the factors driving longer term trends.

Trade with confidence

Predict your true market balance and understand when, and how much to trade, with ICIS’ industry-leading carbon modelling.

Keep abreast of changing regulation

In a market driven by policy and related climate legislation, understand the impact of changing regulations with expert analysis, delivered instantly via email alerts.

Scenario plan effectively

Strategise with confidence and create and compare scenarios using carbon and power market models that let you trace results back to underlying data and assumptions.

Get an expert view

Deepen your understanding of complex carbon markets with direct access to a team of 100 ICIS energy experts, to discuss regulatory drivers, market assumptions and methodology.

Adapt faster in liquid markets

Respond to events as they unfold and trade ahead of the curve, with daily price and fundamental forecasts, and analysis of market-moving events and trends.

Understand the bigger picture

In today’s interconnected energy markets, inform your decision making with a consistent, reliable view of gas and power markets and their impact on carbon pricing and fundamentals, emissions and longer-term trends.

Carbon solutions

Stay ahead of dynamic energy markets with ICIS’ complete range of data services, market intelligence and analytics solutions covering carbon plus natural gas, LNG, power and renewables, hydrogen, crude oil and refined products. Visit Sectors to find out how we can set your business up for success.

Minimise risk and preserve margins

Remain competitive with reliable, up-to-date price forecasts, supply and demand, cost and margin data.

Adapt quickly as events unfold

Capitalise on opportunity and minimise exposure, with news and in-depth analysis of the key events impacting energy markets.

Maximise profitability in volatile markets

Benefit from a complete view of energy markets with integrated solutions featuring pricing, market commentary, in-depth analysis and analytics.

Model with accuracy

Optimise results with ICIS data seamlessly integrated into your workflows and processes.

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In today’s dynamic and interconnected energy markets, partnering with ICIS unlocks a vision of a future you can trust and achieve. Our unrivalled network of energy industry experts delivers a comprehensive market view based on trusted data, insight and analytics, supporting our partners as they transact today and plan for tomorrow.

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