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Optimising energy transition resources

Hydrogen provides a solution for difficult-to-decarbonise sectors, but significant investment and coordination challenges need to be overcome in order for it to contribute to net zero emissions.

Navigate the path to a traded hydrogen market with accurate pricing data, news and expert intelligence on policy and regulation. Set your business up for long-term success, with data-driven analysis of market-forming activities and unrivalled interactive analytics, underpinned by supply and demand modelling and global energy market expertise.

ICIS enabled the creation of the European natural gas industry with transparent pricing, including the ICIS Heren Index and ICIS TTF, and market coverage that helped market participants, governments and financial institutions gain vital transparency as the market developed. ICIS is providing that same transparency for the developing hydrogen market.

Find out how we can support you through the energy transition, as new projects and markets emerge.


ICIS Quarterly European Hydrogen Markets and ICIS Hydrogen Market Watch

Quarterly European Hydrogen

Learn about hydrogen policy, regulation, infrastructure and market developments over the quarter, plus the impact of power, gas and ammonia prices on hydrogen production costs.

Market Watch and Podcast

Read Hydrogen Market Watch, updated every Tuesday, for analysis of current developments, or listen to the latest ICIS Hydrogen Insights podcast.

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Understand changing policy

Keep abreast of new policy and regulation with daily, weekly and quarterly market analyses from the ICIS hydrogen team, embedded in this key fuel market for energy transition.

Navigate uncertainty with confidence

Inform your decision-making in this emerging market with a transparent, expert view of current and future price trends.

Optimise negotiation

Conduct evidence-based negotiation and mitigate potential risk using accurate data, seamlessly integrated into your workflows and processes.

Get an expert view

Benefit from direct access to a team of 100 ICIS energy experts to discuss hydrogen market assumptions and methodology.

ICIS’ hydrogen analytics

An outline of ICIS’ industry-leading hydrogen coverage, and the benefits of an integrated commodity market view.

Hydrogen market evolution

An analysis of the hydrogen market today, and how this critical piece of the decarbonisation puzzle will develop.

Decarbonising power

How will hydrogen fit into the transforming European landscape for renewable generation capacity?

Renewable hydrogen

Producing liquid and gaseous hydrogen from electricity: the rules of the game.

Hydrogen and net zero

The energy transition: where we are now and the role of hydrogen in decarbonising energy production.

Hydrogen: carbon’s role

An exploration of the ways that carbon pricing and policy are relevant for the emerging hydrogen market.

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