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The low-carbon revolution is driving rapid transformation across Europe’s power markets. Renewable energy is growing fast. The ICIS base case forecasts growth in European wind and solar power from 370GW in 2021 to more than 750GW in the next ten years alone. This, coupled with the phasing out of coal and nuclear, means electricity prices are more volatile than ever.

Rapid growth in cables connecting different markets means fundamental drivers in one region strongly influence price movements in others. Whilst the ever-increasing integration of gas, carbon and power adds another level of complexity.

It is crucial for market participants to understand complex price movements so resources can be optimised in the short-term, and strategies laid out for the long-term.

Having a holistic view that connects markets is vital to optimise your resources. You need to know what is happening across Europe and further afield. ICIS is a partner, guiding you through the transition with trusted pricing data, predictive analytics, exclusive news and insight. ICIS market intelligence shines a light on opportunities and where they will play out, informing decisions and helping you to successfully move the energy transition forwards.




At ICIS, we deliver a comprehensive, transparent view of prices, forecasts, trade flows and supply chains that give you strategic advantage in the power market.

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Access independent, objective and trusted intelligence for the global energy market.

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Confidently support in-house modelling, investment assessments and strategy definition.

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Summarise key market drivers and gain insight into trends and outlooks for Europe’s major power markets.

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