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Given the wide range of applications for Phosphates, robust demand from countries with growing populations, and complex price movements in regional and global markets, it is important to examine the entire supply chain in detail.

China, Morocco and the USA account for nearly three-quarters of global phosphate production. There are also significant phosphate deposits and mining activity in the Middle East and south Pacific.

The most commonly-traded phosphate fertilizers are DAP (Diammonium Phosphate), MAP (Monoammonium Phosphate), and TSP (Triple superphosphate). Phosphates are also used in animal feed, ceramics, water treatment, cosmetics, anti-corrosives, and detergents. ICIS talks to all market participants and is a global one-stop shop for insight and analysis for all fertilizer products.

Our Phosphates market coverage gives you the most complete view of price data, market intelligence; and interactive analysis including focus pieces, in-depth insight articles, and forward-looking pieces.

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