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Global LNG Markets & Pricing

Module 1 (4 hours)

LNG market fundamentals

Overview of global LNG production and demand centres; commercial profile of major and emerging LNG companies with a mix of interactive elements to support understanding.

Sessions include:

  • Commercial LNG profile: key sellers, buyers and the challenges they face
  • Short-term LNG production overview: forecasts and trends up to two years ahead
  • Key buyers: Asia: Break down and analysis of key East and South Asian demand
  • Key buyers: Europe: Europe’s role as a growing LNG importer
  • Key buyers: Americas: Short-term buying, competing fuels and regulation
1 hourIntroduction; commercial LNG profile and production
15 minutesBreak
1 hourDemand: Asia, Middle East and emerging markets
15 minutesBreak
40 minutesDemand: Europe
35 minutesDemand and Supply: the Americas
15 minutesQ&A
End of Day One

Module 2 (4 hours)

Explanation of contract and spot LNG pricing, analysis of current market drivers and most active companies; explanation of risk management and overview of LNG shipping.

Sessions include:

  • LNG market pricing: contract structure definitions, forms of indexation and relationship with market dynamics
  • Practical analysis of current spot trade and short-term markets: key companies, challenges around liquidity, the role of netbacks and managing risk
  • Shipping from a trade perspective: fleet size, development, efficiency, floating storage
  • Long-term themes: what next for the energy transition, Europe’s evolving role and green LNG
1 hourLNG market pricing: contract structures definitions and market evolution
15 minutesBreak
45 minutesSpot markets: how LNG is traded
1 hourLNG Shipping
15 minutesBreak
30 minutesLong-term themes
15 minutesQ&A
End of Day Two