Wholesale gas and power prices hit their lowest in five years

03 July 2015

The ICIS Power Index Q2 analysis highlights the influence of oil and European currency moves on the UK’s energy markets

London, UK, 3rd July 2015 – Wholesale UK gas and electricity market prices are at their lowest quarterly average in five years, according to an analysis of energy trends for Q2, published by ICIS, the independent authority on energy market pricing.

The falling oil price and strong supply from liquefied natural gas (LNG) earlier this year have pushed UK quarterly average gas prices down to their lowest level since Q1 2010, averaging 47.1 pence per therm (p/th), and the influence of gas on power prices has pulled the ICIS Power Index down to its lowest average since Q2 2010, at £44.72/MWh.

“The falling oil price and the currency impact from ‘Grexit’ fears are pushing down UK gas prices, and the effects are clear on the UK power price as well,” says Zoe Double, Head of Power, ICIS.

“The UK continues to draw liquefied natural gas from all over the world, as the number of trading counterparties means Britain can absorb more than other markets. Meanwhile, power prices are coming down as more renewable generation is installed.”

However, ICIS highlights the uncertainty over whether these price falls will continue into Q3. The UK is holding less gas in storage than last year, and continental gas markets may need more supply from the UK, as Dutch domestic production has been capped and Ukraine is likely to purchase more from European traded markets.

The ICIS Power Index delivers independent insight into the complex world of wholesale power prices for both households and industrial electricity consumers, based on real market trading. The most recent Q1 analysis illustrated the increasing influence of the global gas markets on the UK’s energy world.

The ICIS Power Index is updated every working day and is freely available from the ICIS website, along with ICIS’ analysis of price trends and volumes during Q2 2015.

Tara Sabanandan, Marketing Manager, ICIS
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ICIS Power Index (IPI)

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