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Dow Chemical And Back To The Future

By John Richardson

HOW the world has changed. Dan Loeb of the Hedge fund, Third Point, wrote in a letter proposing a spin-off of Dow Chemical’s petrochemicals assets: “We suspect that Dow’s push downstream has led the company to use …

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Here We Go Again

By John Richardson

EVERYONE should read the following section from this Economist article with great concern. Central bank stimulus might well be doing more harm than good.

“When Americans borrow money to buy a car or a house, their debts …

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US Petchems “Double Peak” Theory

Wall Street rounding up investors?

Source of picture: Rex Features


In a guest blog post, Joseph Chang, the global editor of our magazine, ICIS Chemical Business, echoes our own concerns that it is getting very frothy out there. The …

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New Policies Needed To Restore Growth

Politicians seem to be floundering as they seek to restore growth to the Western economy. Their prescriptions swing between austerity and economic stimulus as they argue over what has gone wrong.

But in chapter 10 of our Boom, Gloom & …

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America’s New Political Era

What follows is likely to be of little interest to those, like ourselves, who are obsessed by the week-by-week price of polyethylene (PE).

But a strong US economy is essential for a healthy global chemicals industry, and what is being …

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Wal-Mart Aug11.png

Wal-Mart sends a message

by Paul Hodges

The blog is a great believer in the predictive power of the retail sector.

Wal-Mart and Tesco were the first to spot the downturn in the summer of 2007, a year before it became obvious to everyone …

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Oil Prices, Wall Street And Economic Chaos

By John Richardson

Crude oil and commodities markets have lost touch with the fundamental realities. This didn’t just happen yesterday, but began a decade ago.

That’s the argument the blog put forward in the latest chapter of our new free …

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