Asian Chemical Connections

Will free forecasting have its Wiki way?
26th November 2007 by

Now, please be patient – the sting is in the tail. This could have great relevance to your bus...

Asia needs a recesssion
22nd November 2007 by

Asian industry leaders are playing lip service to the environmental crisis the world confronts . Geo...

Asian biofuels face a big crisis
21st November 2007 by

After all the optimism, all the hype and a lot of investors’ money, the industry has shot itse...

The flawed “science” of forecasting
20th November 2007 by

Maybe I’ve been to too many conferences this year, and indeed over the last decade, and have s...

Can polymers rescue the Mile High Club?
18th November 2007 by

Maybe Singapore airlines has got the wrong end of the stick by trying to ban first class passengers ...

I wish the energy game were as simple as this…..
16th November 2007 by

Click on the link here for a virtual way of boosting your green credentials without having to recycl...

Will the next World War be over water?
16th November 2007 by

Please read this –

Is your glass half empty of half full?
15th November 2007 by

Hopefully, completely empty if you happen to live in China and can only afford to drink tap water. H...

There’ s no hope for the planet
14th November 2007 by

If anybody can spot the blatant hypocrisy, or disturbing ignorance, which is a prominent feature of ...

A load of bull or rational exuberance?
2nd November 2007 by

I was in India this week as the Times of India carried a front page cartoon of a bull dressed in a S...

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