Could drug dealers be rehabilitated into the petchem industry?
12th March 2007 by

An interesting question, and one that Def Poet Tommy Buttons, the rap artist with a difference (he h...

The flawed art of supply & demand forecasting
7th March 2007 by

A guest blog – see Vanishing Post Boxes on this great blog by the authors of the book Freakono...

China facing permanent demand destruction?
6th March 2007 by

An interesting debate is emerging over the growth of the recycled polymer market in China. Sinodata,...

I told you so – Reliance firms up Jamnagar cracker
4th March 2007 by

I had a feeling in my bones that Reliance was laying the groundwork for a major project announcement...

Is Thailand heading for the rocks?
28th February 2007 by

A huge amount of petrochemical capacity – some $12bn worth – is being built in Thailand,...

Is Indonesia poised to take off?
26th February 2007 by

I can just about remember when Indonesia was talked about in the same breath as China – huge l...

Should we now discount Iran’s Olefins No 11, 12 and beyond?
23rd February 2007 by

The news that Iran is accelerating its uranium enrichment process brings the country closer to Unite...

Iran could stop exporting oil by 2015
22nd February 2007 by

Quota cheating, lack of investment in oil infrastructure and incredibly low domestic gasoline and ot...

Bringing the sceptics and the greenies together
22nd February 2007 by

The famous “Skeptical” environmentalist (unfortunately, the American spelling and theref...

The weird and not so wonderful world of biofuels
21st February 2007 by

The petrochemicals industry generally gets a bad press, but producers are unlikely to ever be charge...

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