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December Polyolefin Price Rises Flounder

“I am so happy to be supporting polyethylene film pricing”….

Source of picture: Canada-China Agriculture and Food Development Exchange


By John Richardson

IT looks as if attempts by polyolefin producers to raise prices for December deliveries have, as we …

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December Polyolefin Price-Rise Bid Will Fail

By John Richardson and Malini Hariharan in Shanghai

A TWO-TIER China polyolefin market had developed in China over the last couple of years – but the $64,000 question right now is: At which of these two levels will most business …

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Facts, Fiction And Price-Rise Sustainability

Source of picture: tycoonreport.com



By John Richardson

This is a very dangerous time for petrochemicals producers as they attempt to separate real, sustainable demand from feedstock-cost related price rises and speculation.

A bubble – as we discussed yesterday …

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