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China Refining: Where Is It Heading?

By Malini Hariharan

Yesterday’s post talked about refining capacity additions in China and India over the next few of years and how this will contribute to weak refining margins across the region.

The blog obtained a preview of a presentation …

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Scenarios For China Refining & Petchem Output

By John Richardson

IF exploration and production (E&P) is the dog and refining the tail on the dog, poor old petrochemicals is merely a flee on the tail of the dog, goes the old saying.

Hence last November we reported …

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China Economic Hype And Crude Oil

Let’s catch the bus from now on….

 Source of picture: hybridcars.com


By John Richardson

THE blog has long been worried about the difficulty, probably the impossibility, of accurately measuring real Chinese growth.

And it gets harder as the country …

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