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Innovating Down The Value Chain

By John Richardson

THE lack of depth and thought behind “analysis” of the economic challenges facing developing economies has worried the blog for some time.

It is undoubtedly the case that as hundreds of millions more people in countries such …

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India Polymers Shine But Questions Persist

By Malini Hariharan

Optimism has returned to the Indian polymer market fuelled by a sharp recovery in prices and buying sentiment over the last few weeks across Asia.

The talk these days is mainly about tightness in availability of polyethylene …

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23 Mentions Of China Downturn At APIC

By John Richardson

THE blog attended the Asia Pacific Petrochemical Conference (APIC) in Fukuoka, Japan, today during which it heard mention of the phrase “China downturn” on 23 occasions from different contacts.

Confidence is clearly at a lower than last …

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Asian Inflation And Vietnam Polyolefins

Guess who’s coming to Christmas dinner

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By John Richardson

THE widespread problem of surging inflation in Asia ex-Japan is a major threat to petrochemicals demand growth in 2011.

Governments need to put the brakes …

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No Going Back, But Don’t Expect Smooth Ride

Cloth nappies?….you have to be kidding




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By John Richardson

IT IS the biggest transformation that the global economy has probably ever undergone, resulting in numerous opportunities and challenges for the chemicals industry …

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Distorting The Outlook For 2011



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By John Richardson and Malini Hariharan

THE view from a particular geography, grade of polyolefin or end-use application might be distorting the outlook for 2011.

In China and India and other emerging markets demand …

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Was The Chinaplas Optimism Justified?

Too good to be true?,.,,,,,

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By John Richardson

I VISITED the Chinaplas plastics exhibition in Shanghai late last month and was greeted with a wall of unremitting optimism.

Here are a few samples of …

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