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Asia Resurgent On Refinery Integration


Source of picture: omniglobal.com



By John Richardson

A FASCINATING theme to emerge from last week’s Asia Petrochemical Industry Conference (APIC) in Mumbai was a growing belief in refinery integration in Asia as a means of being able to …

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Dow fit with Reliance makes the most sense

Reliance is building the world’s first cracker that will be entirely fed by off-gas from its huge refinery expansion at Jamnagar. This technology has been used before, but never on this scale because nobody has had enough refinery capacity to …

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I told you so – Reliance firms up Jamnagar cracker

I had a feeling in my bones that Reliance was laying the groundwork for a major project announcement with its endlessly bullish forecasts about the Indian market (see my earlier blog ‘Is India about to crash?’). And low and behold, …

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