Chemicals and the Economy

Trump’s trade war should set warning bells ringing for every company and investor
8th April 2018 by

There should be no surprise that President Trump has launched his trade war with China.  The real s...

Trump policies to impact global supply chains, US stock markets
23rd January 2017 by

Wall Street’s post-election rally suggests that many investors currently have the wrong idea about...

2016’s Word of the Year: “Impossible”
19th December 2016 by

Nobody likes change, particularly on the scale that is taking place all around us today.  Understan...

Dow’s CEO says “pre-2008 economy was a bubble”
28th July 2014 by

Now its official.  Andrew Liveris, Dow CEO, told CNBC last week that the “pre-2008 economy wa...

Arise, Sir Evil?
25th February 2009 by

Apparently its not just Jim Cramer who is less than happy with the current performance of Dow CEO, A...

Cramer hits at Dow’s Liveris
31st January 2009 by

The credibility of some chemical industry CEO’s seems to be under increasing attack, due to th...

Dow Chemical moves to Plan B
28th January 2009 by

A month ago, after the collapse of the K-Dow deal, the blog suggested that Dow would need to move qu...

Dow warns of need for “radical actions”
14th November 2008 by

Andrew Liveris, Dow CEO, has consistently warned that we are facing a major recession. Today, in a B...

Decision time in Europe, N America
24th October 2008 by

Many Asian companies have been cutting back petchem production in recent weeks. Now TOTAL have becom...

‘Don’t panic’ say Dow, BASF
12th February 2008 by

Its not normally a good sign when chemical industry bosses feel the need to cheerlead on the outlook...

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