Chemicals and the Economy

2018 will see Winners and Losers appear in plastics markets
1st April 2018 by

Two major challenges face petrochemical and polymer producers and consumers in 2018: The likely disr...

European petrochemical output still below 2004 – 2007 levels
4th May 2017 by

The financial crisis began a decade ago, yet production of the key “building block products...

Industry needs new strategy to spread benefits of globalisation
25th November 2016 by

The Brexit vote, and Donald Trump’s election, confirm that we are in a New Normal world.  In ...

China’s G20 shutdowns will impact global economy
10th June 2016 by

Imagine your government decided to shutdown most of the industry in two major cities for 2 weeks or ...

Clouds gather over global polymer markets as China imports drop
1st June 2016 by

Difficult times lie ahead for global polymer markets.  It would be bad enough that downstream users...

Lower oil prices support European cracker operating rates
15th April 2015 by

Who would have believed, a few years ago, that European cracker operators would see an operating rat...

European ethylene volume at 1998 low
6th September 2012 by

European olefin markets had a miserable time in Q2. As the chart shows, based on APPE data, ethylene...

Petchem volumes slide in all 3 major regions
30th May 2011 by

Volume is a key driver for chemical company profits. High volume means operating rates increase, red...

Europe’s supply-led ethylene market continues
24th May 2011 by

Q1 saw near record margins for European petchem producers. And there was also a scramble for product...

Asia’s olefin margins weaken vs Europe, USA
22nd February 2011 by

The ICIS weekly margin reports continue to provide essential reading for anyone in the petrochemical...

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