Chemicals and the Economy

Looking backwards, not forwards
15th December 2011 by

Since the start of the Crisis, many policymakers have chosen to look backwards rather than forwards....

Japan falls into recession, again
25th May 2011 by

Japan’s ageing population has led to slow economic growth for many years. It has battled for y...

Japan’s Fukushima disaster equal to Chernobyl
12th April 2011 by

Finally, the authorities have admitted that the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear problem is very serious, a...

Tokyo queues for torches, not iPads
5th April 2011 by

Sadly, we still seem no closer to a solution to Japan’s nuclear nightmare at the Fukushima Dai...

Facts of the week
28th March 2011 by

The Financial Times reports two interesting facts: • Japan’s leading seismologist warned Tok...

The Potential Impact of the Japan Disaster – an Update
27th March 2011 by

Sadly, the blog needs to update its March 16 post, which analysed the potential impact of the Japan ...

Japan – the Fukushima nuclear problem explained
17th March 2011 by

It is nearly a week since the Japanese earthquake/tsunami which led to the nuclear emergency at the ...

The Potential Impact of the Japan Disaster
16th March 2011 by

Japan’s prime minister has described the current situation as “the country’s worst...