The blog in 2011
30th December 2011 by

The blog celebrated its 100,000th visit during 2011. Its readership also continued to increase, and ...

US home prices slip whilst housing trends change
29th December 2011 by

US house prices were the original cause of the financial collapse in Q4 2008. Since then, the politi...

US oil inventories remain close to historical average
28th December 2011 by

The blog suspects that the above chart may not feature prominently in the New Year reports about to ...

€489bn avoids Eurozone collapse, for now
27th December 2011 by

A month ago, the former UK Finance Minister, Alastair Darling, warned that the European Central Bank...

The blog’s Christmas Quiz
23rd December 2011 by

Its now 3 years since the Great Recession began. US GDP is still below previous peaks, despite $5trn...

The oil market’s ‘triangle’ pattern continues
22nd December 2011 by

The other side of the short-term volatility in oil markets, as discussed yesterday, is that price mo...

High Frequency Trading distorts US markets
21st December 2011 by

The chemical industry, like many others, continues to be badly affected by the volatility of financi...

ExxonMobil expect gas use to rise 60% by 2040
20th December 2011 by

ExxonMobil’s annual energy review is always a fascinating read. This year’s issue looks ...

IMF warns of protectionism, and possible Depression
19th December 2011 by

Whisper it softly, so as not to alarm the CEO. But the world is starting to look worryingly like the...

Auto sales growth stalls in China, Europe and USA
17th December 2011 by

November (red line) was a mixed month for auto sales, as the above chart shows. It updates the state...

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