Few signs of optimism in today’s petchem markets
30th April 2012 by

The above chart reflects the weekly changes in the 4 benchmark petchem products that launched the Ie...

US home prices slip as foreclosures increase
28th April 2012 by

Since 2007, every spring sees a rush of forecasters to claim that – finally – the US hou...

EU faces US competition in PVC export markets
26th April 2012 by

The blog continues this week’s special series on chloralkali and PVC markets by looking at EU ...

Shale gas supports US PVC exports
25th April 2012 by

Yesterday the blog discussed caustic soda, and the recent importance of China’s metal demand. ...

China’s downturn slows caustic soda markets
24th April 2012 by

As promised yesterday, the blog is running a special series of posts this week focused on chloralkal...

Downturn Monitor approaches its anniversary
23rd April 2012 by

It is almost a year since the blog launched its IeC Downturn Monitor. The aim was to try and avoid t...

Eurozone sees €789bn capital flight to the North
21st April 2012 by

The blog’s many friends in the petchem industry in S Europe have become more frequent visitors...

US job vacancy rates worse than in 1970s and 1980s
19th April 2012 by

The above slide appears to be a series of random lines, at first glance. But it comes from an import...

US, China, EU auto sales up just 1% in Q1
18th April 2012 by

Autos are the largest single market for chemical and polymer sales. And the USA, China and EU are th...

China lending jumps to hit $380bn Q1 target
17th April 2012 by

China’s leaders have a lot to worry about. The purge of Bo Xilai has now been followed by news...

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