Europe’s olefin operating rates remain at recession levels
29th November 2012 by

Europe’s political leaders were deadlocked last weekend over plans for the EU’s new Budg...

China’s new leadership heads in a new direction
28th November 2012 by

As promised, the blog today looks at the impact of former President Jiang Zemin’s return to ac...

Jiang returns to help China avoid the ‘middle income trap’
27th November 2012 by

It is not easy to discover what is really happening in China’s government. There were no opini...

Chemical industry operating rates fall as oil prices rise
26th November 2012 by

The battle between the major central banks and the fundamentals of supply/demand is starting resembl...

100m Africans now vaccinated against meningitis A
24th November 2012 by

The blog is in S Africa next week as the guest of AECI, where on Tuesday it is also scheduled to be ...

IEA highlights $18tn of gains from energy efficiency
22nd November 2012 by

“Energy efficiency is the cheapest way to meet our energy needs” according to the Intern...

Auto sales growth stalls world-wide
21st November 2012 by

Autos are easily the largest global demand sector for chemicals, now housing has declined. Developme...

China’s new leaders face slowing economy, rising protests
20th November 2012 by

There are two great myths in the modern world. One, as discussed yesterday, is that central banks ca...

Europe in “10-year stagnation period, just like the Japanese”
19th November 2012 by

The blog today tips its hat to Borealis CEO Mark Garrett, who becomes the first major company boss t...

Conference highlights key chemical market changes
17th November 2012 by

Our World Aromatics Conference in Berlin, now in its 11th year, provided valuable insight into chang...

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