The end of the Economic SuperCycle
30th March 2016 by

A paradigm shift is underway in global petrochemical and polymer markets, as I discuss in a new arti...

Brexit vote will hit UK, Eurozone and global economies
28th March 2016 by

Slowly, but surely, a UK vote to leave the European Union is becoming more likely.  In any referend...

Central banks cannot control economic fortune of 7.3bn people
25th March 2016 by

Trillions of dollars have been spent on stimulus by central banks in the developed world since the f...

US auto sales head towards price war as subprime loans rise
23rd March 2016 by

The warnings keep coming about the underlying health of the US auto market.  But, as with the subpr...

Oil market speculators profit as central banks hand out free cash
21st March 2016 by

Oil markets are entering a very dangerous phase.  Already, many US energy companies have gone bankr...

China’s rising exports: less about growth, more about exporting deflation
18th March 2016 by

China’s move towards self-sufficiency is radically changing global oil and petrochemical marke...

US ethylene output rise warns of market share battles ahead
16th March 2016 by

“The reality is the US from a chemical standpoint is a very mature market. We have some demand gro...

Global stock markets weaken as Great Unwinding of stimulus continues
14th March 2016 by

It is 7 years since global stock markets bottomed after the 2008 financial crash.  But as my regula...

$1.8tn of stimulus later, Japan’s household spending unchanged
11th March 2016 by

3 years of massive stimulus spending in Japan has had no impact on the problem it was supposed to so...

Propylene price collapse highlights New Normal world
9th March 2016 by

Everyone wants to assume that markets will soon be back to “normal”.  Consensus thinkin...

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