China’s polymer expansions make new US exports hard to place
29th April 2016 by

China used to be the manufacturing capital of the world.  It would buy raw materials, and sell fini...

Saudi plans to transform Aramco to energy /industrial company
27th April 2016 by

“Within 20 years, we will be an economy that doesn’t depend mainly on oil“. With t...

Chemicals, the “flea on the tail of the currency/interest rate dog”
25th April 2016 by

Markets are becoming increasingly chaotic, as the world’s major central banks each try to deva...

Brazil’s PE market shifts from import to export as recession bites
22nd April 2016 by

4 years ago, Brazil’s polyethylene market flagged up the first warning signs that its GDP was ...

Global GDP saw record fall in 2015 – new IMF data
20th April 2016 by

New data from the International Monetary Fund confirms that last year’s collapse in global GDP...

Oil market rally under threat as Doha meeting fails to agree
18th April 2016 by

Yesterday’s failure of the Doha oil producers meeting will hopefully reintroduce a note of san...

Water wars, food shortages create urgent need for new, demand-led approach
15th April 2016 by

Companies and investors need to refocus on demand as the key driver for future revenue and profit gr...

BRIC auto sales stall as Brazil and Russia recessions worsen
13th April 2016 by

Clouds are gathering over the auto industry, as the impact of the post-2008 stimulus programmes fad...

US GDP Q1 forecast at just 0.1%; global chemical output slows
11th April 2016 by

“Confusion now hath made his masterpiece”.  This quotation from Shakespeare’s gre...

US Federal Reserve aims to devalue the dollar, again
8th April 2016 by

What we “assume” can make an “ass of u and me“, as the proverb says.  And t...

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