Uncertainty rules
16th November 2007 by

Our annual European conference, organised with ICIS, always provides an excellent opportunity to gai...

The subprime black hole
12th November 2007 by

Black holes are an apparently empty region of space, with the power to destroy anything that comes t...

US autos/housing worsen
9th November 2007 by

1 in every 196 US households was in receipt of a foreclosure filing at the end of September, accordi...

TOTAL’s new CEO warns on oil supplies
7th November 2007 by

Christophe de Margerie, the new TOTAL CEO, has burst the bubble of complacency that has surrounded d...

Supermodels prefer euros
6th November 2007 by

Gisele Bundchen, the world’s richest supermodel, has joined the list of those who refuse to be pai...

Subprime claims its first casualties
5th November 2007 by

Back at the end of August, I suggested that we had only reached the end of Phase1 of the credit crun...

3 key questions for any Board
1st November 2007 by

What are the key questions that need to be asked when discussing any budget or strategy proposal? I ...

Pricing power – ING’s concerns
30th October 2007 by

Since posting yesterday, oil prices have moved further ahead, with WTI closing at $93.53. I have als...

Inflation makes a comeback
29th October 2007 by

Oil prices last week rose to an all-time, inflation-adjusted, high in New York at over $92/bbl. Mean...

4 risks from the credit crisis
26th October 2007 by

The Bank of England correctly predicted in April this year that the risks associated with US subprim...

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