Chemicals and the Economy

Paul Hodges

The return of volatility is the key market risk for 2018
8th January 2018 by

We are living in a strange world. As in 2007 – 2008, financial news continues to be euphoric, ...

China’s central bank governor warns of ‘Minsky Moment’ risk
13th November 2017 by

The world is coming to the end of probably the greatest financial bubble ever seen.  Since the fina...

Political risk and interest rates rise in US, UK and Japan, as debt and dysfunctionality grow
17th July 2017 by

It was almost exactly 10 years ago that then Citibank boss, Chuck Prince, unintentionally highlighte...

Budgeting for the Great Reckoning
31st October 2016 by

One thing is certain about the 2017 – 2019 Budget period.  “Business as usual” is...

Suspense rises as Great Unwinding becomes the Great Reckoning
22nd August 2016 by

“There is a distinct difference between “suspense” and “surprise.”  Alfre...

Global GDP sees record fall in 2015 as world hits “demographic cliff”
27th January 2016 by

Central bankers remain in Denial about the failure of their stimulus policies.  Yet new IMF data f...

Inflation turns to deflation as stimulus debt now has to be repaid
21st August 2015 by

Its not what we know that causes the major problems.  Its what we think we know, but don’t....

Stimulus proves no solution for today’s economic slowdown
18th May 2015 by

“Central banks have to be mindful that too long a period of very low interest rates can have u...

“Sell in May and go away?” as US/German bond yields jump
4th May 2015 by

A strange thing happened to German 10-year interest rates last week – they rose quite sharply,...

Japan’s government debt now $100k per person
3rd March 2015 by

Debt, debt, glorious debt,      Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood.      So follow...

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