Central banks have created a debt-fuelled ‘ring of fire’
3rd June 2014 by

A new article by an IMF economist makes the point that in April 2008, not a single one of the mainst...

China auto sales depend on lending and property bubble
22nd May 2014 by

The above chart is the blog’s simple guide to forecasting China’s auto sales.  We know ...

“Investors retreat as deflation fears rise”
19th May 2014 by

The blog’s important eBook, ‘Boom, Gloom and the New Normal: How Ageing Western BabyBo...

Interesting Quotes (7)
14th April 2014 by

Every now and then, somebody in a senior position says something that really deserves to be noticed....

China’s lending bubble could now lead to zero GDP growth
18th February 2014 by

China has been primarily responsible for driving global growth since the Crisis began in 2008.  Aut...

Seven global implications of China’s new policies
5th February 2014 by

Everyone remembers the old joke, “Why did the elephant wear dark glasses?”, and the answ...

And now the stumble?
3rd February 2014 by

Last week the US Federal Reserve announced the second move in its so-called tapering process, and r...

From Jiang to Hu and the lost decade
23rd January 2014 by

President Jiang Zemin inherited a difficult economic and political situation when taking power in ...

China focuses on the need for jobs, as Western companies reshore production
27th November 2013 by

Its all about jobs.  That’s the clear message from this month’s critical Economic Plenu...

Xi Jinping needs to repeat his father’s economic success
16th March 2013 by

Xi Jinping was formally confirmed as China’s new president this week. But we know remarkably l...

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