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Negotiation set to shape key energy regulation

The next few weeks and carrying through July are likely to result in some important regulations for the energy industry being shaped, although we are unlikely to see the final versions emerge until the autumn. The much-discussed topic of what is a power and gas forward that must be physically delivered rumbles on. The European […]

ESMA makes interesting point on physical forwards

A contact has pointed out an interesting line in the guidelines published on physical power and gas forwards for dealing with current EU financial regulation. The European Markets and Securities Authority (ESMA) has tried to clear up what is a derivative and what is a physical forward under the first version of the Markets in […]

ESMA consults on physical gas and power forwards

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) released the latest installment of the saga on whether physical power and gas forwards are derivatives. If they are, then most over-the-counter trades in power and gas would come within the scope of the European Market Infrastructure Regulation – EMIR. That would mean energy companies would have to […]

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