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Should the EU get tough on the gas network codes?

Following the recent publication of the EU Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators’ (ACER) annual reports on the implementation of two of the five gas network codes, it has become clear to some in the European gas industry that, at this stage, the EU’s vision of a single energy market is still something of […]

Commission’s about-turn reassures gas shippers

The European Commission’s latest update to EU gas capacity allocation mechanism laws is an encouraging sign for market participants tired of law-makers introducing potentially market-changing rules without understanding their impact. The commission slipped in an unexpected and unwelcome surprise for market participants when it circulated a new draft of a network code for gas markets […]

Britain’s Ofgem to consult on REMIT guidance

British energy regulator Ofgem has said it will consult on changing its procedural guidelines and how it calculates penalties for breaches of REMIT. The consultation is slated for October. This comes around the same time the UK energy minister flagged his intention to introduce criminal penalties for energy market abuse . The criminal sanctions for […]

Energy regulation – what lurks beneath

When a deal was hammered out between EU lawmakers that exempted physical power and gas trades from counting as a derivative, the energy industry breathed a sigh of relief as it looked like it had avoided costly mandated clearing. But as this blog will show, that exemption doesn’t leave energy in the clear from regulations […]

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