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This winter it really is about the weather

The cliche about weather driving energy prices, in particular on European gas and Asian LNG, is just as relevant this year as ever before. A mild weather with no extended periods of freezing cold in Europe could see forward gas prices steadily ease down despite fears over a lack of gas storage in the UK […]

Northwest Europe is a surprisingly important source of LNG

The content of my conversations with LNG traders and ship brokers has changed in recent months with a much greater interest now in pricing developments at northwest European gas hubs. About a year ago Europe was touted by LNG sellers as the key source of demand in a market that would be oversupplied for years […]

UK competition inquiry: a regulator’s last stand?

This is a guest post by the editor of ICIS’s European Daily Electricity Markets, Jamie Stewart. The UK wholesale energy markets were given a clean bill of health on Wednesday, when the initial findings of a major competition inquiry were published here. The report, which clearly indicates the probe’s future direction, picked on aspects of […]

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