This winter it really is about the weather
2nd September 2016 by

The cliche about weather driving energy prices, in particular on European gas and Asian LNG, is just...

Northwest Europe is a surprisingly important source of LNG
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Brexit and UK energy investment – how long before the dust will settle?
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UK Treasury paper on MiFID II
27th March 2015 by

The UK Treasury has opened a consultation, which sets how, among other things, the Financial Conduct...

UK competition inquiry: a regulator’s last stand?
20th February 2015 by

This is a guest post by the editor of ICIS’s European Daily Electricity Markets, Jamie Stewart...

Scotland and the UK energy markets
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The future of Scotland is up for grabs on Thursday as voters decide if it should remain  part of th...

UK competition watchdog publishes responses to energy inquiry
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The UK’s Competition & Markets Authority has published a load of initial submissions on the wa...