Ethyl acetate (ETAC) & Butyl acetate (BUTAC)

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Industrial chemicals remain in demand from a broad cross-section of sectors including pharmaceutical, automotive and manufacturing. Supply fluctuations constantly put pressure on etac/butac markets and drive price movements. For traders, producers and buyers of acetic acid derivatives, keeping track of the many shifts in this changeable landscape is difficult without a reliable source of market intelligence. A source that covers all the key etac/butac markets around the world and completes the picture with details of the upstream and downstream position.

By leveraging our global resources, we put local developments into an international context and ensure you are fully aware of market dynamics as they evolve. We stay close to all day-to-day activity in each region, keeping track of pricing movements and the various factors driving them up or down. Our market intelligence gives you complete visibility of opportunities arising and ensures you can act quickly.




Monitor all the key etac/butac markets – US Midwest, US Gulf export, Europe, China and NE and SE Asia – with reports provided as prices move, deals are completed and supply and demand levels change in this highly volatile market.

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Insight provided by ICIS ensures that you receive the latest resources on specific commodity markets, including news and market intelligence to back your business decisions.

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Comprehensive and diagnostic data to allow you to understand how the commodity market is changing. Harness interactive tools and monitor your region to maximise business opportunities.

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An up to the minute review of the global markets, detailing impact of capacity changes as it happens. Evaluate sudden market changes to make informed, reactive business decisions.

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