Unique market analysis for the recycling industry

Gain a transparent view of the opaque mixed plastic waste and pyrolysis oil markets in Europe. With the growth of chemical recycling in Europe, competition for mixed plastic waste feedstock is intensifying. Pyrolysis-based plants targeting mixed plastic waste (with a focus on polyolefins) as feedstock account for ~60% (2023) of all operating chemical recycling capacity in Europe.

Remain at the forefront of this rapidly evolving market, with comprehensive pricing and market coverage of key recycling and burn-for-energy feedstocks and pyrolysis oil prices. Waste bale prices include mixed polyolefins, Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) bales and unsorted Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) waste.

Pyrolysis oil pricing includes naphtha substitute, non-upgraded and tyre derived grades.
Integrate your expertise with ICIS’ comprehensive portfolio which includes pricing benchmarks for mechanical and chemical recycling enabling direct price comparisons for feedstocks and outputs of the two sectors for the first time. ICIS also offers Recycling Supply Tracker – Mechanical and Recycling Supply Tracker – Chemical, covering recycling projects globally and allowing you to track capacities, output volumes, feedstock sources and site statuses within these two major routes to circularity.

ICIS has been covering recycled polymer and plastic waste markets since 2006 and holds multiple price benchmarks across the major recycled polymers of R-PET, R-PE and R-PP, as well as across virgin chemical markets. Our experience gives us the insight to contextualise and evaluate the latest market developments and industry trends in a trustworthy, timely and impartial manner.

Key audiences

  • Chemical recyclers
    Understand trends and prices for key feedstocks, and how developments in mechanical recycling, legislation and waste management may impact you.
  • Chemical companies
    Understand trends and prices for key waste and pyrolysis oil and how developments in mechanical recycling, legislation and waste management may impact you. Assess the profitability of pyrolysis oil as a cracker feedstock, and mixed plastic waste as a burn-for-energy input.
  • Waste managers and sorting companies
    Benchmark yourself against common market prices, gain comprehensive insight on downstream sectors and emerging markets.
  • Mechanical recyclers and plastic convertors
    Comprehensive pricing data across mixed plastic waste grades to assist product mix and development decisions.

ICIS Launches Pyrolysis Oil Pricing for Chemical Recycling

Unlock opportunities in chemical recycling market with transparency and clarity.

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